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Want to buy Electrical products for Saudi Arabia

Please review the below requirements and let us have your best competitive quotation for the products within your range.

7 hour, 33 minute ago Buying Request Saudi Arabia credi-Icon 10

Transmission line import request - Pakistan

I am looking for turkish subjected companies. If there are then please let me know. We have a very good opportunity for them in Pakistan

8 hour, 9 minute ago Buying Request Pakistan credi-Icon 10

ADSS cable fittings importing to Palestine

we are looking for ADSS FO accessories factories in Turkey

11 hour, 3 minute ago Buying Request Palestine credi-Icon 10

Lighting products exporting - China

we are dealing with Commercial Lighting . Industrial Lighting. Decorative Lighting led lights ,LED Ceiling Lights,LED Recessed Downlights ,Small LED Panel Light, Large LED Panel Light, LED Linear Lighting,Industrial High Bay LED Lighting ,

11 hour, 15 minute ago Selling Request China Free

Electric Current Generator to import to Romania

Electric current generator ( generator set ) 400 V , 825 KVA , 1500 rpm , Diesel , with automatic charging = 2 Pcs

11 hour, 32 minute ago Buying Request Romania credi-Icon 10

Adapters to import to Syria

If you want the seconds of 200KVA and 400kva adapters

12 hour, 4 minute ago Buying Request Syria credi-Icon 10

DC capacitors for railways - UK importing

Looking for manufacturer of High Voltage DC capacitors used in railways

12 hour, 8 minute ago Buying Request United Kingdom credi-Icon 10

Senegal importing electrical equipments

I am looking for a Turkish company that manufactures electrical equipment

14 hour, 34 minute ago Buying Request Senegal credi-Icon 10

Alternator parts importing - Mauritius

do you manufactures Lucas electrical spare part

16 hour, 11 minute ago Buying Request Mauritius credi-Icon 10