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Headphone importing to UAE

I'm looking for headphone made in Turkey

5 hour, 59 minute ago Buying Request United Arab Emirates credi-Icon 10

Electric and gas cookers importation - Morocco

''Looking for electric and gas cookers''

6 hour, 12 minute ago Buying Request Morocco credi-Icon 10

Radiator caps import to Algeria

i'am scherching for Radiator Cap

7 hour, 16 minute ago Buying Request Algeria credi-Icon 10

Minibars importing - Georgia

i am interested to buy 80 pcs minibar size 30L

7 hour, 51 minute ago Buying Request Georgia credi-Icon 10

Import request Water dispenser - Kuwait

Please note we are looking for water dispenser supplier as OEM. If interested please contact us for more details and scope of business.

13 hour, 30 minute ago Buying Request Kuwait credi-Icon 10

Water purification systems needed in Kenya

I need water purification systems RO system (commercial and domestic?

16 hour, 49 minute ago Buying Request Kenya credi-Icon 10

Inquiry for electric incense burner to import to Qatar

Supply of Customized VIP Gifts (Electric Incense Burner) 1. QUOTATION VALIDITY DATE: 90 days 2. DELIVER REQUIRED: 30 days 3. Required free Sample within a week for approval of Client 4. Payment Terms: 10% upon purchase order, 25% upon delivery and balance 30days after delivery date

18 hour, 27 minute ago Buying Request Qatar credi-Icon 10

Washing machine importing to Morocco

I want some contacts of companies who manufacturers wash machine to imported from Turkey to morroco

27.02.2020 21:33:00 Buying Request Morocco credi-Icon 10

Heating systems importing to Kenya

I am looking for companies in Turkey that deal in floor heating and can heat the floor using a combination of heated solar water and heat pump

27.02.2020 19:00:00 Buying Request Kenya credi-Icon 10

Voice-enhancing microphone import to UAE

The main features of the voice-enhancing microphone will be: Reverb Noise cancellation Equalization (a specific equalization profile that we will submit) Auto-tune (Also known as pitch correction)

27.02.2020 16:45:00 Buying Request United Arab Emirates credi-Icon 10