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Request for Preform PET to Libya

You are invited to submit your offer without obligation from our side for the supply of the items in accordance with the terms

1 hour, 7 minute ago Buying Request Libya credi-Icon 10

Medical masks importing request - Russia

They told me that I can talk with you about medical masks.

1 hour, 19 minute ago Buying Request Russia credi-Icon 10

Medical mask importing to United Kingdom

Size 3 qatli , sertifikatlu maskeler varmi?

1 hour, 23 minute ago Buying Request United Kingdom credi-Icon 10

Buying reqeust for Medical mask - Turkey

bize buyuk miktarda ffp1 ve ameliyat maskesi lazim yardimci olabilir misiniz acaba

1 hour, 50 minute ago Buying Request Turkey credi-Icon 10

N95 mask buying request - Turkey

i will like ti inquire prices for digital laser thermometer and N95 masques.

2 hour, 15 minute ago Buying Request Turkey credi-Icon 10

Medical mask importing to Finland

an you cover a production of 1 million/ week. Do you do sampling ? We interested in a further cooperation.

3 hour, 29 minute ago Buying Request Finland credi-Icon 10

Medical masks importing to Lebanon

Do you have 3 ply ready to ship medical masks? I want 5M pieces please send me quotations with specifications.

3 hour, 34 minute ago Buying Request Lebanon credi-Icon 10

3 ply surgical masks import to Zambia

I would like to inquire if you are getting new orders for 3 ply surgical masks.

3 hour, 37 minute ago Buying Request Zambia credi-Icon 10