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Grid energy storage systems import - Mongolia

''ESS order to stabilise grid network 70-100Mw/h''

13 hour, 39 minute ago Buying Request Mongolia credi-Icon 10

Looking for custumers for charcoal

We are a company supplying charcoal based in Gabon (Central Africa).

17 hour, 59 minute ago Selling Request Gabon Free

Hybrid solar system importation - Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

''urgently quote attached''

27.02.2020 20:26:00 Buying Request Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) credi-Icon 10

Paraffin wax - Turkey requested

I have constructed a new plant for producing sterilizing products

26.02.2020 18:25:00 Buying Request Turkey credi-Icon 10

Engine parts importing to Thailand

we are looking for sapre parts for semt pielstick 16PA4V185VG , Inlet, exhaust valve

25.02.2020 21:03:00 Buying Request Thailand credi-Icon 10

Paraffin oil importing - Qatar

we need paraffin oil CIF Doha Qatar 5 MT

25.02.2020 20:59:00 Buying Request Qatar credi-Icon 10

Enquiry for Environment Protection Projects from Algeria

We are interested in cooperation with Famous Turkish companies doing EPC projects for: -Selective sorting of household waste. -Energy from waste to generate electricity by incineration or plasma torch technology. - Line for the treatment of organic waste to produce anaerobic digestion. -Line for treatment (Hazardous waste - hospital waste - electronic waste) by incineration or Plasma torch to generate electricity.

25.02.2020 17:52:00 Buying Request Algeria credi-Icon 10

Enquiry for paraffin to import to United Arab Emirates

paraffin white color, 0/05.1-3,3-5%

25.02.2020 12:50:00 Selling Request United Arab Emirates Free


Our company, which is close to technology, realizes production by adopting zero-error principle in recent years together with CNC machines. In addition, it has gained an important place in the sector in full-time production by providing Organization-Production-Customer information flow with the Energy Transmission Line ERP software developed and developed within itself.

24.02.2020 15:55:00 Selling Request Turkey Free