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Request for Shipping service to Saudi Arabia

i need price 20ft for ex work to jeddah

21.02.2020 18:41:00 Buying Request Saudi Arabia credi-Icon 10

Feasibility study for groundwater desalination project - Jordan requested

We are interested in the attached tender for Prequalification for Consulting Services for the preparation of a Feasibility Study Groundwater Desalination Project

21.02.2020 09:59:00 Buying Request Jordan credi-Icon 10

Partnership request for aloe vera farming

looking for cultivation partners purchasers for our Aloe vera

14.02.2020 14:47:26 Selling Request Updated United Kingdom Free

Logistic service providing request - South Africa

I'm a logistics company looking of being of assistance to any company that send any product to South Africa

14.02.2020 09:59:07 Buying Request Updated South Africa credi-Icon 10

Shipping service request from France

mobilya sektorunde Turkiye Istanbuldan - Fransa Paris'e Lojistik bir servis ve surekli olarak bir Partner'e ihtiyac duyuyoruz.

12.02.2020 10:47:00 Buying Request France credi-Icon 10

Trailer for hire - Kenya requested

do you have trailers for hire

11.02.2020 20:24:00 Buying Request Kenya credi-Icon 10

Shipping service providing from Ivory Coast

We think we can help Turkey company for Customs clearance and delivery in Ivory coast

11.02.2020 17:00:00 Selling Request Ivory Coast Free

Bulk transportation - Albania requested

can i ask you do bulk tranportation from turkey to albania

08.02.2020 06:35:00 Buying Request Albania credi-Icon 10

Shipping services - Vietnam requested

I want to provide Shipping service for your company

07.02.2020 13:00:00 Selling Request Vietnam Free

fire safety

We are Zafer Yangin Engineering Industry and Trade Limited Company; , from Turkey ,specillized in fire safety equipment

05.02.2020 18:44:00 Selling Request Turkey Free