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Military vehicles and boats import to Bangladesh

we want some manufacturer of different equipment like boat, specialized vehicles etc.

18.02.2020 17:44:23 Buying Request Updated Bangladesh credi-Icon 10

To import to Morocco - silt curtains

we are looking for silt curtains

17.02.2020 18:21:07 Buying Request Updated Morocco credi-Icon 10

Aluminium boat - Bangladesh to import

We are looking for Aluminium boat 10 nos

17.02.2020 16:42:11 Buying Request Updated Bangladesh credi-Icon 10

Marine outboard motor importing - Libya

I would like to receive offers

17.02.2020 16:07:43 Buying Request Updated Libya credi-Icon 10

Police boat buying request - Turkey

Requires the best prices for the procurement of a police boat.

14.02.2020 23:28:00 Buying Request Turkey credi-Icon 10

Pipe floats import request - Iraq

We are needing pipe floats manufacturing in Turkey

14.02.2020 09:59:39 Buying Request Updated Iraq credi-Icon 10

Requiring of nautical and marine equipment to import to Croatia

We are especcially interested in marine hoses, ropes, ball valves and fittings (brass, inox, bronze, plastic), water separators, safety equipment(vests, etc.), gas springs in stainless steel.

12.02.2020 18:02:48 Buying Request Croatia credi-Icon 10

Procurement of ambulance boat to import to Turkey

requires the best prices for the procurement of ambulance boats.

11.02.2020 03:20:00 Buying Request Turkey credi-Icon 10

Import of silt curtain to Qatar

''am looking for silt curtain for dredging work''

09.02.2020 11:30:00 Buying Request Qatar credi-Icon 10

Boats import request - Bangladesh

Your Company have some products of our interest and which are required by these organizations.

06.02.2020 18:11:00 Buying Request Bangladesh credi-Icon 10