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Travel agency - Greece requested

want to make an aggreement with travel agency

17.02.2020 14:53:22 Buying Request Updated Greece credi-Icon 10


We are selling HCWS Health Tourism Company

18.10.2019 17:14:10 Selling Request Updated Turkey Free

Waiting for investors to Sierra Leone

We have lots of manufacturing opportunities here in my country and we are looking for potential investors

14.10.2019 17:43:00 Cooperation Sierra Leone credi-Icon 10

Health Tourism

turkiyede saglik turizmi yapan firma arastirmalarim mevcut antalya bolgesi ozellikle

16.08.2019 11:40:00 Buying Request Turkey credi-Icon 10

Tourism services needed

Plz send all information genral tourism.

29.07.2019 09:31:00 Buying Request Pakistan credi-Icon 10

Beachfront land for hotel building selling from Turkey

Finike'de denize sifir otel arazisi satilik 1000 donum / 100.000m2. 60 milyon dolar.

11.06.2019 09:26:32 Selling Request Turkey Free

Denize sıfır otel arazisi Türkiye'den satılıyor

Finike'de denize sıfır otel arazisi satılık 1000 dönüm / 100.000m2. 60 milyon dolar.

11.06.2019 09:26:29 Selling Request Turkey Free

Travel and tour cooperation request from Sri Lanka

Looking for a cooperation business for Travel & Tour from sri-lanka and turkey with best reasonable prize.

10.06.2019 10:28:07 Cooperation Sri Lanka credi-Icon 10

Hospitality - tourism investment request from Uzbekistan

The main areas of our interest where Turkish investors can invest, are: -Drip irrigation hosesa nd systemsp roduction -Food processing -Textiles -Oil and Gas industry -Hospitality and Tourism -Household equipment -Leather processing and footwear production 'Production of other consumef goods -Solar and wind energy projects -Rose oil and rose water production and export -Sheepw ool processinga nde xport -Production of office supplies

09.05.2019 14:55:00 Buying Request Uzbekistan credi-Icon 10

3 Pass Blackout Stock

We hold Roclan 3 Pass Blackout Stock in Istanbul with price advantage.

03.04.2019 16:39:49 Selling Request Turkey Free