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Racing yacht importing - Bermuda

Looking for a used racing yuka cat

04.12.2019 21:51:00 Buying Request Bermuda credi-Icon 10

Solar submersible pumps importing - Bermuda

We have to need solar submersible pump for our project.

08.11.2019 09:39:34 Buying Request Updated Bermuda credi-Icon 10

Outboard motor buying from Bermuda

Following Item:- S/L Procurement Items Qty 01. OBM 300 HP(150 x 2) With Boat 50 Nos. 02. Out boat Motor (OBM) 55 HP without Boat 100 Nos. 03. Vessel Type D (River/Sea Worthy) 5+1 Nos. 04. Out Board Motor (OBM) 150 HP (75x2) with Boat 25 Nos.

07.11.2018 16:32:31 Buying Request Bermuda credi-Icon 10

Concrete Mixer Truck buying demand from Bermuda

Purchas of a concrete mixer truck; max width 94 inches max weight 36000 pounds

10.02.2017 08:29:40 Buying Request Bermuda credi-Icon 10

Tapestry wall carpet with wildlife inquiry - Bermuda

Could you kindly find tapestry for me 36"x54" some of them have fringes on the end they are the lion family tigers cougars panthers cheetahs the eye of the tiger and many more designs thanks again

30.08.2015 20:44:17 Buying Request Bermuda credi-Icon 10

Tapestry wall carpets

Looking for packaged tapestry 36"x54" 100% cotton printed vintage tapestry wall hanging /decor.

05.04.2014 23:11:11 Buying Request Bermuda credi-Icon 10

Tapestry wallhanging (carpet)

Used to nuebuy them in America from Ramallah trading but they have discontinued selling them and have advised me to do the same thing but in my country people love them and I would love to continue to sell them if you can help me find them it would be wholeheartedly appreciated thank you have a nice day.

01.04.2014 09:25:40 Buying Request Bermuda credi-Icon 10

Side windows for van type autos

Van side windows for Auto hi good afternoon we currently import windows from turkey and are looking for alternative suppliers mainly we buy fixed and opening windows in dark privacy glass the ususal vehicles are vw transporter ford transit renault trafic mercedes sprinter most front side glass fixed sand opening csan you help with this regsards

20.02.2014 08:42:58 Buying Request Bermuda credi-Icon 10

Sisal Fiber for gypsum wall

We are looking for a fournisseure sisal fiber for gypsum traveux

16.09.2013 15:38:02 Buying Request Bermuda credi-Icon 10