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Salad bars - Mauritius to import

we're looking for an industrial equipment for a small restaurant - a refrigerated salad bar top with a refrigerated 2 or 3 doors bottom .

19.02.2020 10:39:39 Buying Request Updated Mauritius credi-Icon 10

Buffet display counters - Malta to import

I am looking for reputable producers of buffet counters hot and cold for hotels and restaurant

17.02.2020 16:42:02 Buying Request Updated Malta credi-Icon 10

Buying request of catering equipments to import to France

Our company would be interested in catering equipment

05.02.2020 08:38:00 Buying Request France credi-Icon 10

Import of thermoboxes - Uzbekistan

we are looking for thermoboxes for katering business

21.01.2020 19:41:00 Buying Request Uzbekistan credi-Icon 10

Catering equipments import - United Kingdom

I would personally like to ask for a catalogue of equipments which your company supplies alongside marked retail and trade prices that are given to end users

31.12.2019 17:28:00 Buying Request United Kingdom credi-Icon 10

Catering equipments needed

looking for catering equipment supply’s for uk england

24.09.2019 09:43:00 Buying Request United Kingdom credi-Icon 10

Gas catering equipments

I am currently looking for supplier for commercial catering equipments like donner machines

18.09.2019 14:27:00 Buying Request United Kingdom credi-Icon 10

Catering equipments

I need to know if you can supply me with industrial small food machines like Kubba machine and others

07.09.2019 10:40:00 Buying Request Canada credi-Icon 10

Catering equipments wholesale buying inquiry from Libya

I am looking for catering equipments for central kitchen in libya

13.06.2019 13:22:00 Buying Request Libya credi-Icon 10

Catering equipments buying request from Gambia

We are interested to buy high quality hotel materials from turkish companies. Please find following list of items required: -Sanitary Wares -Panel wooded doors for hotels -Sliding aluminium doors for hotels -Hotel room televisions -Ceramic tiles floors/wall -Room split air conditioner -Electrical fittings -Luxury hotel bedroom sets -Hotel luxury room furnitures -Solar water heater pannel presuried -Catering equipments -Kitchen equipment -Fitness centre equipment

29.05.2019 12:29:00 Buying Request Gambia credi-Icon 10