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A Group Company Group started to the commercial activity in 2003 by starting to export to Turkmenistan. While , A Group was marketing and distributing food and cleaning products country-wide, the company expanded and developed the organization in paralel with the rapid development of the economy of Turkmenistan. In the year of 2005 the first step for the supermarket chain which would consist numerous supermarkets in various provinces of Turkmenistan was taken by the opening of the first supermarket of the company in Turkmenistan?s capital Ashgabat. The company started to the activities in construction sector by country-wide marketing and distributing activities in Turkmenistan in the year of 2008 and in the year of 2009 the export company opened in Turkey in order to be a gateway of our group to the world. In the year of 2011 the company took it?s place in energy sector to provide constructing services and services of turn key engineering on medium and high voltage lines in Turkmenistanand the same year established to Horeca group to provide cafe, restaurant and catering services.Based on the philosophy of that the only thing does not change, is the change itself and knowing that the succesfull Projects fed by imagination and in accordance with the principle of transforming our dreams by combining them with innovation, our company will always continue to develop.

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