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Dear Sir /Madam, • A KABLO is one of the leading Aluminum Cable Manufacturer in Istanbul/Turkey. A KABLO, having one of the most modern facilities in Europe, produces aluminum cables and conductors with a capacity of 1500ton/ month in its 30.000 m2 of closed area since 2009. • A KABLO is a sister company of SAHINLER METAL SANAYI VE TICARET A.S which is Turkey's leader Alloyed Aluminum Producer , serving to its local and global customers with aluminum alloy, billet, deoxidizer. (The company is among the top 500 Turkish industrial establishments with 142,000 square meter production area of Ankara and new Istanbul plants and a total of 92,000 ton/year aluminum ingot, deoxidant and billet production capacity. • A KABLO plays an active part in the aluminum cable sector with a large product range, through producing 0,6/1 kV PE and XLPE insulated aerial and underground cables, AAAC, AACSR, ACSR, AAC, all kinds of steel cored aluminum conductors which are used for LV, MV, HV overhead lines. 9, 50 -12 mm aluminum Wire Rods, aluminum wire, cable rope within itself. • Production of each A KABLO branded cable which is received by the customer is carried out in terms of ISO 9001 Standards. Our Products: 0, 6 / 1 kV LOW VOLTAGE UNDERGROUND CABLES • NAYY • NA2XY • NA2XH 0, 6 / 1 kV AERIAL BUNDLED CABLES • AER • ABC • ABC-NFA2X 0, 6 / 1 kV ARMORED POWER CABLES • YAVZ2V - NAYRY ( 0,6 / 1 kV PVC insulated aluminum conductor round steel wire armored power cables) • YAVZ3V - NAYFGbY ( 0,6 / 1kV PVC insulated aluminum conductor flat steel wire armored power cables) ALUMINUM WIRE & CONDUCTORS • AAC • ACSR • AAAC

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