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In 1999, based in Izmir city in Turkey, ACS Ltd started to manufacture HVAC product range with key products of Air Handling Units and Cabinet Type Ventilators. Today, manufacturing takes place in the plant facilities based on 6.500 m² outdoor and 3.500m² indoor area in Izmir – Torbali, Turkey. ACS provides products and services across the country via fixed and mobile service stations. In addition to the district branch in Ankara, capital city of Turkey, ACS has authorized sales and service partners abroad. Air handling units (ACUs) Cabinet type ventilators Duct type heat recovery units (ERV/HRVs) Roof and duct type ventilators Steam humidifiers HEPA filter box Laminar Flow Heat Pumps Cooling Groups Air dampers and silencers ACSmart – Automatic Control Roof top Water cooling towers Water cooling groups Fan coils

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