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“AGASOY PRINTING HOUSE – OFFSET – PACKING – INDUSTRY LTD. COMPANY” was founded, in Kayseri Printing Houses Area, an 600 m² indoor area in 2003. It is one of the innovator company in its field and and get this responsibility go on with a big self – sacrificing way. Agasoy Printing House founded Aflex Sticker, which is officially registered to give service to Kayseri and other Anatolian cities in sticker sector and in this sector it has accomplished a first with 6 colours Flexographic press sticker fiction with sticker, roll and thermal sticker in Kayseri. We as Aflex Sticker, not only give service to Kayseri and Anatolian cities but we also make investments and give service after and before pressing in foreign countries. As being Aflex Sticker, to respond your expectations perfect is an exciting aim for us. We are in pleasent agitation and rightful happiness to grow up day by day and to have Kayseri and Anatolia earn with our technological foundation.

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