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World class, established as a family business in 1996 with the mission AGKGRUP quality and modern services, operates in the industry with nearly 20 years of experience in accordance with this mission. AGKGRUP today mainly export abroad; Electrical Equipment, Tools, MDF / Door Kitchen, with its wide range of products in the industry area consisting of concrete elements and construction materials to respond to needs in the construction sector. AGKGRUP, by investing in technology, reflecting the latest technologies developed projects for the construction industry, is a leading exporter of building materials sector is one of the first company that comes to mind as a supplier. AGKGRUP technology and services blended in harmony of quality, in excess of 30 people with expert staff, raising standards in the construction industry and has adopted his principles go a step further in every project. The principle is to become an important actor in the construction sector with high quality production AGKGRUP, without compromising their value in the future will continue to offer great contributions to the world-class Turkish construction sector. In 1996, we get the power we receive from our valued customers this way we walk past into the future with much more confidence.

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