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AHMET GUZEL CELIK ESYA HASTANE DONATIM SAN. TIC. Co. Ltd.. started operating in its field in 1994 and has always been one of the distinguished firms in the steel products sector with its qualified and experienced staff since it was established. Today, the products produced by our company are lockers, berths, school desks, filing cabinets, and fixture furnitures for the hospitals, the state supply Office, military, schools, factories and dormitories. It is a family company that has caught up with the technology by its own capital and has always kept its promises in making products that are produced without any imperfections and handed over to the customer on time. It is this speciality of us that makes us one of the prior companies in the sector. We are continuing to serve to the market with our experienced staff by keeping our promises in the contacts and giving the highest quality for the most reasonable price.

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