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AKAL TRADE is an international trading company in Izmir, Turkey. The Company was established to meet the demands of our customers, affiliated companies, suppliers and agents. Over the past several years, AKAL TRADE has developed long-term partnerships and strategic alliances, in commodity trading, with a large network of suppliers and customers around the globe. AKAL TRADE, our knowledge and expertise in commodity trading enable us in the purchase and supply of commodities around the globe. Our mission is making the promotion of the Turkish products in foreign markets. Finding partners who are interested to work with us on these products. In Turkey, advising foreign investors for their investments. Affordable quality Turkish products to offer to foreign investors. We prefer to export which you need. The product, for which you require, you send to us details and the specifications of the product, we will offer you the most affordable prices. Also when ever we are interested in your local products. We want to be partner of the companies which want to export goods in Turkey. We find the market for the products that you want to export. Services and transport : For tradesmen who are interested with a variety of products; who do not want to buy of only one product in quantity; we make sends mixed and partial loading. For your goods of small quantities, we make freight. We deal with any customs formality and transport for people who buy goods by the Turkish market.

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