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Akburan End. Tem. : In 2006, in the field of industrial, domestic and professional cleaning products, without compromising the quality of the product is produced within the framework of quality standards. Our company is continuing the production of 3000 m2 area, annually, with a production capacity of 1.500.000 tons. We have more than 300 product varieties; laundry hygiene, kitchen hygiene, floor and building maintenance, auto groups and personal hygiene. Our products have all necessary TSE, Ministry of Customs and Trade, Ministry of Health and ISO production declaration documents. Our company aims to institutionalize and adopts a shared and participatory reproduction model. becoming a leader in the industrial cleaning sector in Turkey Cleaning Secret brand with our experienced technical staff, through egalitarian emphasis on R & D activities with the necessary know-how, innovative, believed in the national capital, it has become a respectful organization to the environment and people. The work done in this direction gave our company the power to compete in the international market and opened the export doors to the last. Our experienced faculty who closely follow the technology and the agenda closely and continuously increase self knowledge and environment accumulation in a short time with its activities.

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