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Omer Akdas, who is from Huglu and the founder of Akdas Arms, started working in gun-making by some of the best gunsmiths of the time. He soon built his first single barrel and opened his own gun workshop in 1948. Within a short time he was well-known for his skills and was beloved by a large group of hunters. He was the one ever to manufacture the side-by-side in Turkey. During the time when he was in the gun manufacturing sector, he contributed a lot for the development of this field. Sadik Akdas, the son, joined his father in 1975 and enlarged the workshop further. As he learned every nuance of guns from his father, he started repairing all kinds of domestic and foreign guns. He started this job at the age of 13 and as the time went by he became the famous gun maker of Turkey. He was the first gunsmith every to produce a semi-automatic gun with the help of Omer Akdas. In 2004, he built the very first and unique English style side-lock over-und-under and side-by-side. Throughout his career he was beloved by the hunters and has been the only gunsmith to repair high end shotguns from all over the world. Selim Akdas joined in 1987 and conversion from old-school workshop to modern factory took place and the mass production began. With this facility Akdas Arms also takes its place in various sectors such as defense and textile by manufacturing spare parts. So far, Akdas Arms has worked with some world famous shotgun manufacturing companies and proven its quality over and over. Nowadays Akdas is doing its best to welcome foreign hunters into Turkish Shotgun World. Our Vision Is to be trademark which manufactures reliable and high quality shotguns and aims to a pioneer in Turkish Shotgun World. Our Mission is to be the Turkish pioneer in the Hunting Sector where we have been specialized for years by manufacturing user friendly and high quality shotguns combined with technology and tradition and to meet the international and domestic hunters with the Turkish Quality by Sadik Akdas.

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