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Our company started to operate in its workshop in which realized coil winding pump repairments in 1986. When its gone 1990s, company established small scaled manufacturing factory, and then company continue its business life by starting to work under the name of Akin Pompa Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret Inc. Co. in its new factory which has got 1200 square meters area in Kutlukent in 1995. With the aim of expanding our business area, adopting new technological developments and drawing our line oriented to rivalry conditions, company relocated in 5000 square meters area in Tekkekoy in the late of 2008 and equipped our factory with latest technological cnc machinery, continued to operate with 180 kinds of pumps. Our aim is to give quality services and meets customer satisfaction. Our works and certificates are the indicators of our services. Being one of the leading companies in its industry, Akin Pompa considers changing and developments in market as its chance to widen its business area and aims to manufacture new products.

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