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We have 2 family companies for contract textiles and Project Solutions ,** Buytex ** & for Auto Accesories **Erkul Auto** **Buytex **specialized on contract textiles and project solutions for living areas like hotels, residences ,hospitals. Buytex chooses the most appropriate producers and checks all the production process to ensure the quality of the materials from beginning to the delivery. Buytex does not offer you only the material, it provides you turnkey service with professional teams. **Erkul** developed in excess of 40 years of trade with our savings that we brought for more than 20 years our experience in manufacturing Automotive spare parts and Auto Accesories arising from conscious of the responsibility to us as our reputation , the same quality and professionalism on the line reliable, durable, efficient domestic and overseas markets and continue to supply our products to the country's economy is to add value and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.**strong text**

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