Akurun Tekstil established in 1983 and based in Denizli/Turkey . We are supplying below products for our customers and exporting worlwide of the world. *woven fabric for menswear, ladieswear and chidrenswear for shirt , trouser and jacket , pyjamas etc. *Shirts , trousers and jackets for men and women , children. *Hometextile -Bathrobes , towel -Bedlinen -Peshtamal The most important thing is customer satisfaction for us.That’s way , we offer flexible service and solutions .We aware of competitive and demanding industry conditions . As you know , creavitiy demands the suitable ground to reveal itself .We make this ground available for our customers and producers and for our team . We need that to understand customers’ requests and latest trends , fresh and creative ideas , solutions . We like to offer our customers a collection but beside that we can develop their designs and styles ,colors . If you have a question we are here to answer immediately. If you have any inqury , we are here to supply you a product immediately . If you have any problem , we are here to solve immediately. WE ALWAYS HERE , WHEN YOU NEED US !!!

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