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We established our firm at Karatay Industry Zone as Ali Riza Usta in 1979. Our production started with manufacturing petrol tankers and different kinds of tankers. With steady development our firm expanded further creating continuous work and stability. In our work we care for quality and aesthetics. In 1994 our firm assumed its new title as Ali Riza Usta Tanker Industry and Trade Co.Ltd. In the early beginning our production capacity was merely 10 vehicles a month, but now it has reached to 70 pieces per month.Our firm follows the technical improvements and through the quality and stability we moved our new premises near Ankara-Adaa road in 1996. Our firm manufactures both classical petrol tankers and silo-buses, dumpers, military service vehicles, semi-trailers and aluminium tankers with ISO quality certificate.Our company has successfully obtained a respectful foot in both domestic market and international market. Thus we are working continuously to respond to demands from European, Asian and Middle-Eastern countries.

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