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We are manufacturing beds since 1995 to provide you comfortable and qualified sleep. Owning the latest technologies for sleeping products, ALMlNARElNA is in close chase for the last founded and developed products and processing fully handwork for some detailed products and increasing the product variety day by day. ALMlNARElNA has seen the results of these increase not only in Turkey but also in a abroad and today started to export 40% of its manufacture to the foreign markets. Moreover, ALMlNARElNA is continuing to create differences with the spring mattress manufactured with different characteristics and mattresses without springs filled by various filling materials, bases important for design bedrooms and headboards specially designed yacht beds and round beds and water beds that are first produced in this sector. With this experience of the beds and mattress manufacturing, ALMlNARElNA is manufacturing private brands, private designs and private measures demanded from local market and abroad. ALMlANARElNA started to see the quality in details towards these demands and aimed to combine fabrication technologies with boutique production. ALMlNARElNA is proud of having quality, health and aesthetics under its brand.

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