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As Amotaheda we manufacture and supply cooking oils, vegetable oils, edible oils, olive oils, flour, palm oils, corn flakes, marbles, natural stones, cooking oil, vegetable oil, edible oil, olive oil, palm oil, corn flake, marble, natural stone... ALMOTAHEDA entered the market to shine her name in a short time become a distinct company. ALMOTAHEDA was founded in 2014 and experienced since then significant development and growth to become one of the leading companies in the trade sector and remittances. And went on the trail of successful companies and has a clear vision outlines the future of the company. ALMOTAHEDA exercised its activities in two areas: –Comprehensive business services in the following areas: 1_ trade in agricultural, industrial and service resources Include: 1 export of stone around the world 2 manufacture and supply the finest palm oil and margarine from animal Labs in Malaysia 3 import and export foodstuffs and consumables in cooperation with major international companies specializing 4 import of raw materials from abroad to secure applications for industrial and agricultural companies 2_ the banking and financial services in and out of Arabic countries where you have 140 branch around the world

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