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Our company serves in the field of air conditioning of ventilation of spaces deemed as clean rooms such as operating rooms, intensive care units, laboratories and spaces in the electronics and food industry as well as meeting the requirements as to industrial air conditioning of ventilation of all indoor areas such as shopping malls, factories, hotels, offices, educational institutions and manufacturing plants. Our company, for the first time in Turkey, has realized the production of custom-designed concrete cooling groups based on spot cooling the concrete as a result of the R & D activities conducted thereby. Our company carries out meticulously all steps germane to cost assessment, providing information, projecting, offering price quotes, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and service. Our company, having launched the commercial operations thereof in January 2000, produces standard and hygienic air handling units, water chillers, concrete cooling groups, clean room air conditioning equipments, rooftop air conditioning systems air cleaning devices and realizes production of special orders. Furthermore, our company, with the experienced staff thereof in its field, furnishes services such as sales, after sales service, project and contracting for air-conditioning products such as hygienic air conditioning systems, precision-controlled air-conditioning systems, package type air conditioning systems, central air conditioning systems, chiller systems, VRV air conditioning systems, split air conditioning systems, ventilation equipments, textile air ducts, polyurethane air ducts, galvanized & stainless steel air ducts, air cleaning equipments, hepa filters, coil filters, bag filters, carbon filters, fan coils, convectors, heat recovery equipments, dehumidifiers, air curtains and infrared and radiant heaters. We aim to be closer and provide a better service by virtue of our meticulously prepared websites that are updated every moment. You can have information incident to our products, brands and models, perform computations of online capacity, can receive offer, place order, purchase and request a delivery service thanks to sharing of information provided through our company via internet. Our services and works are based on aesthetic appearance, high performance, affordable usage, robustness, durability, prompt service and your esteemed satisfaction. We are constantly working with our technical services aiming at efficiency with minimum cost in our products in addition to our expert engineers closely following the latest innovations in the rapidly evolving fields of heating, cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning sectors and delivering same to you. Our Products • Standard Air Handling Units • Hygienic Air Handling Units • Package Type Hygienic Air Handling Units • Dehumidification Units • Precision-Controlled Air Conditioning Systems • Laminar Air Flow Units • VRV - VRF - VR3 Air Conditioning 3ystems • Rooftop Air Conditioning Systems • Chiller Water Cooling Systems • Concrete Cooling Systems • Electrostatic Filter Systems • Ventilation Equipments • Air Ducts • Air filters

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