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Altunpar Automotive Spare Parts Ind. Ltd. Co., established in1978, started to serve Automotive Industry as a supplier of aftermarket spare parts for the European trucks like IVECO – FIAT and other brands. The company developed its prospects after a while opening a new workshop and started to manufacture these spare parts under the name of ALTPARTS in 1990. Altunpar Automotive has gradually developed in this sector and has become a requested brand in Turkish market. The company now aims to expand its range of product and deliver its products all over the Europe and East.. For the purpose of serving the Automotive Industry in both domestic and foreign market; the company introduced its name and high quality products to foreign market via Automotive Fairs held in Europe, Africa, Middle East and other Arabic countries. Altunpar Automotive, with its experienced staff and adequate technical equipment, has been producing all kinds of engine parts and supplies other spare parts for IVECO& FIAT trucks. The makes and the models of the trucks are listed as below. -Iveco Euro Cargo - Fiat 697 -Iveco Euro Tech - Fiat 619 -Iveco Euro Trakker - Fiat 684 -Iveco Stralis - Fiat 682 -Iveco Euro Star -Iveco 190.30 -Iveco 330.30 -Iveco 330 -Cursor -Daily Altunpar Automotive aims to distribute its products all over the world and make its success permanent with new enterprises and new business areas. Note: As a professional manufacturer of spare parts, Altunpar Automotive can also produce different spare parts of other makes of vehicles that are not mentioned in our catalogue. It is highly necessary to supply the samples and / or technical drawings.


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