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Aluc Forest Products Ltd. as hardboard to furniture manufacturing industry in 1991, MDF and other products, our commercial life in replacing the parent company with the supply structure at this point today, machinery manufacturing, logistics and meets other sectors of the wood needs and a range of services that require subjects as separate structures ulasmistir.aluc Wood Building and Construction Mat. Inc. From this need was born here and valuable input to our customers in the year 2010. Types of plywood formwork systems used in the construction industry; H20 wooden formwork girders; We jojis with ASD varieties, machinery and other industries used WireMesh / honeycomb pattern plywood types "Plywood Market" concept with Aluc Wood's activities to in order to meet market needs that occur in olusturuyor.kontrplak sector Aluc Forest have two separate services unit of products within the company has more activity: Sites Tasdelen Street and Antalya-Kepez Mediterranean Industrial Our service units in Site "Plywood Market" name and concept with operating under the gostermektedirler.dig hand alucor financing products and "Aluc Construction" name people in our contemporary, our organization gives a comfortable and peaceful living spaces, landscapes Houses have completed the project and its more baslamistir.yap its services a new project on the land, projects, and during the "Ankara plywood" in between the leaders of the trademark sector Aluc Wood, "Ankara membrane" with membrane and roofing bitumen core with a registered trademark in the insulation space has expanded its range of services it provides to the construction sector. quality products, reasonable prices, friendly service and the principle of honesty and always stocked employee organization, our customers, require that products "Right Turn" and in the near future needs "Storage" advantage to you. Customer satisfaction oriented approach we wish to provide the service.

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