Amina Group is one of the leading private concerns in Pakistan. Ithas business interest in textiles, consumer products, and pharmaceuticals,canned food, fruits, juices, spices, dairy products, confectionery and Halal products.

AminaGroup started operation inKarachi (Pakistan) in 1990 as a small trading company. Over the years, it movedtrading to manufacturing to become to a dominant player in the Pakistani marketspace. The success came from understanding the need of the local consumers andproviding good quality products at the right price. The strategy thrust in thefuture is to replicate this success in the Pakistani market.

The company is moving in the right direction and today by the grace of allmighty Allah we have been exporting goods to different market in Europe andAfrica ,recently we have started exploring the new  markets for variety of Products .We have ourfacility in Indonesia ,Thailand ,Oman ,Malaysia ,China ,Cyprus ,New Zeeland,India and Bangladesh.

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