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ANATECH breaks new ground in the world with its business model and by designing and applying high quality products and using its purchasing power on behalf of the consumers and offering these to its consumers under the most advantageous conditions. ANATECH focuses on 6 main areas in the product groups: * PC/Multimedia (PC, notebook, scanner, printer, modem, software, plug and play products, etc.), * Entertainment/Household Electronics (TV, DVD player, VCR, Hi-Fi, MD player, camera, etc.), * Communication technology (telephone, voice mail, fax, decoder, satellite system, etc.) * Health care products (blood pressure monitor, digital fever thermometer, massage tools, etc.) * Personal care products (Hair styling sets, epilator, hair trimmers, electric shavers, etc.) * Home appliances (refrigerator, freezer, bread machine, juicer, microwave, etc.) The product ranges of this group are being enhanced on the basis of model options through continuous software development and product designs and are offered with sales strategies that will certainly not disrupt the balance of the price-quality dilemma. Due to the “Best Value” concept, which is always claimed by ANATECH, ANATECH is committed to provide highest quality products for the consumers and ensure customer satisfaction in after-sales services by considering consumer trends. ANATECH has set an example for many sales channels and succeeded to obtain a large share from intercontinental giant market with its unique sales strategy, which it has developed and matured in the world’s electronics and technology markets.

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