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As Anu Food we manufacture and supply honey, jam, coffee, turkish delight, tea, olive, olive oil, syrup, black mulberry syrup, turkish black tea, turkish tea, fruit tea, cosmetic, soap, liquid soap, olive oil soap, shower gel, shampoo, hand cream, body cream, hand and body cream, food, foodstuff, pistachio turkish delight, pomegranate turkish delight, strawberry turkish delight, mix nut turkish delight, mix fruits turkish delight, hazelnut turkish delight, rose turkish delight, sultan fruit turkish delight, pine honey, green apple tea, red apple tea, orange tea, pomegranate tea, lemon tea, mandarin tea, fig jam, bergamot jam, capers jam, chili pepper jam, molasses bitter orange jam, bitter orange jam, black mulberry jam, mandarin jam, pomegranate jam, lemon jam... In 2015, Assa Foods began operations under ANU FOOD and has taken place in the industry. From January of 2009 to December of 2013, Assa Foods have been operating as Marmaris dealer with diasa brand with the cooperation of Spanish and Turkish companies. All operations and dealer stores in our country, was purchased by the ulker-logo group in 2013. After these developments from January 2014 to today, our company operates under the name of “costa DISCOUNT SUPERMARKET”. Our brand has been registered to Turkey Patent Trademark Institute (tpe) . We have export our experience and knowledge to the industry by creating our own brand. In 2015 making the trademark assa, we began selling and marketing our own brand of retail and wholesale products. In our retail stores, Assa branded products started to being sold by well-established businesses in our region. Our products are also exported to abroad. Our mission: to make Assa – branded products always trusted, requested and preferred. Our vision: to develop our products with Assa brand and domestic, overseas sales provide.

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