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APACK is a solution developer for food packaging technology and a food packaging machinery manufacturer who sold machines and packaging films and gave technological services to more than 300 companies in Turkey and all over the world. We aim to prepare food products according to the customer's demand and expectations, of course, without losing flavor or using additives: food in its most natural form. We have thousands of different types of portion trays, both standard and customized ones according to the specific needs of customers. We have also many different types of trays and functional sealing films according to foods characteristics. We are manufacturing our machines with our own design and experience, with our own manufactured parts. All the machines we produce comply with international standards and certifications. APACK has a very high level of experience and hundreds of references about food packaging lines and packaging techniques for frozen foods, ready meals, sea foods, bakery and deserts, freshcut, cheese, slice and rice, meat, dried foods and sous vide.

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