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ARNIMZ INTERNATIONALLTD. is one of the best supplier, exporter and manufacturer ofreadymade garments in Bangladesh. We are also a buying house involved insourcing, supplying and quality management for readymade garments. We havehighly skilled Merchandisers to meet the requirements of apparel sector inworld market. Our key management persons have wide long experience from yarnmanufacturing to production and shipment. We also have highly experiencedquality control team to check international quality parameter at each processfrom fabric to finished products. We have very good liaison with the bestmanufacturers in Bangladesh.

We are BangladeshGovernment registered company as ARNIMZ International Ltd. and also carryimport export license. We are a Member of BGMEA (BangladeshGarments Manufacturers and Exporters Association) and Dhaka Chamber ofcommerce. Only a qualified and reputed company with good business record canachieve BGMEA membership in Bangladesh. We can provide certificate of origin(GSP FORM - A) by which buyers from GSP (Generalized system of preference)enlisted countries can enjoy tax free import from Bangladesh.


OUR VISION: It is oursincere vision to fulfill our customers expectations by providing value throughquality and punctual service.

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