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ASLANBABA is an innovative and fast developing manufacturer company who has been running in production under the patented brand names “Dag Ultra, Still Medical, Proactive, Baby Still, Puffix Baby,” and especially his patented brand “ELSE Cleaning, Cosmetics and Personal Care Products”. Aslanbaba is a company who is trying to increase his institutionalization day by day and respecting on the rights of his consumers and considering the quality of his diapers. We are producing and marketing baby diaper, adult diaper, hygienic lady pad, wet wipes, shampoo, liquid hand soap and such other cleaning products. Aslanbaba’s target is to be one of the leader companies in his field and he has been serving for the development of health society and strong country. Our manufacturer factory “AS KIMYA” is accordance with EU norms and has been running in production since 2005 which was built on 5000m2 modern closed area. In 2006, application of “Ministry of Health Production Permittion” was made and it was approved. Nonetheless; TSE and ISO 9001:2000 were approved in the same period and we started a huge marketing. In 2008 we established our “DUNYA Baby Diaper Factory” in Adana city and it was turned into a modern plant in our group of companies. It has been increasing his export capacity day by day with his top quality products and competitive prices. In 2009 we created a new team and we built several liquid detergent and baby diaper factories in some African and Turkic Republics countries. With the year 2011, Especially our patented brand ELSE cleaning products and ELSE baby diapers has very huge demand from Europe, Africa and Turkic Republics.

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