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Human health is very important to reach consumers around the world as it is today, healthy food production and technological innovations in our country will be able to take certain measures. Here in this case to comply with the norms of the European Union to obtain animal products, especially milk and milk products and pet upbringing of meat and meat products should be a process that allows consumers access to healthy and hygienic conditions. ASMERT in 2000 in Izmir endustrindeki country and the world food shortages and technological innovations to be done to eliminate these shortcomings in order to realize their own principles, designed to increase the efficiency, economy and hygiene conditions in the foreground has been established with an idea. Founder and owner of the company, which is specialized in the food industry Architect Salih ERGENE is. Owner of the company has 33 years of project experience. Partners and employees in this sector since the 1980s has served Turkey's leading food companies.

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