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ASPARSAN, we are a company established in Bursa with the experience we have accumulated in a short time in the sector and serving with the understanding of professional service to all regions of Turkey. In our Professional In our all kinds of business life, we always work with 100% quality and 100% satisfaction by keeping customer satisfaction ve our customer interest on the front panel. We are using the advantages of being established in an industrial area. In this respect, we deliver our spare parts shipments to all over Turkey and World easily, quickly and reliably. The items in our product range are being produced according to high standarts and presented to our cutomers after carrefully tested. During our trials, we don’t present any products to our customers if we dont believe on the product quality.. OUR MISSION As ASPARSAN, established with the aim of quality, trust and satisfaction, our mission is to carry our position in the sector one step higher every day by using the reliability and commercial ethics that we have achieved over time in line with customer interests. Our Vision As Asparsan, in the Construction Machine Spare Parts Sector, our vision is ; - Being among the leading companies of Turkey and the World, - To grow up continiously by following the technological innovations, - To be a company listening customers and meet them with the right quality according to their expectations, - Adding value to our customers and employees - To be a gobal company that is beneficial to society and country

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