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Well, we have also a story as anyone else does. In this story, we united different work and life experiences of several years under the roof of “Ayan Magazacilik”. Every day we are running after our dreams with passion and a new lease of life. Our common passion is to provide you with the best quality products with the best prices. Our brand Hotel Line conducts its activities in abroad by procuring quality textile products, room decorations, consumables, restaurant textiles at best prices for our customers in hospitality sector. We naturally wish the best, the most beautiful and the healthiest in our private world, which becomes more meaningful when shared with our beloved ones. Hence, we have created our brand “the Bondori Family”, by starting from the philosophy of elegancy, esthetics, easiness, quality, comfort and functionality. In order to provide you a happy home, as Bondori we offer concept products which are monthly renewing, from our textile brand Ange Blanc, from our gift brand Gift House, and from our traditional arts and handcraft brand. ABOUT US As “Ayan Magazacilik“ we do believe that it will be the most delightful way to offer you quality, functionality, design and meet customer requests through our products with the best prices.

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