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Aymar started its production in 1979 within Koc Holding and continued till November of 1989 as the representative of fat and oil Until this date Aymar continuing its production withing Koc Holding has been passed to Unilever. Aymar became the most important producer of the market in 1990 as part of refreshing the position of Unilever in the sector. In those times Aymar reached 40% market share in the sector. In time Unilever decided to withdraw Aymar brand as a strategy. By 2003 Aymar brand being the supplier of companies for a long time which was purchased by Toros Ltd. Company has gained its place in the market with its new identity and standpoint.<br /><br />
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By 2002 Aymar brand which was the supplier of vegetable oil in Turkey for a long time purchased by Toros Ltd. Company from Unilever Company entered among the first 500 industrial company by intense investment and advertisement without exporting. <br /><br />
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By 2010 With Vita, Capa and Bozkurt brands purchased by Unilever which were in the oil, instant soup, dessert powder, halva and jam sector Aymar put its signature under important success in the market of Turkey by aggressive and rapid development.<br /><br />
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The first brand of vegetable oil Vita is the only brand which succeeded to be representative of that period. Vita started to be produced in 1950’s achieved to create sense of belonging with oil and margarine and won a place in memories of anybody. The legendary tin boxes for which we were familier for years became a pot of precious flower at balconies, a toy car of children or a water bucket used by mothers and gained a place in our memories. The legendary brand of Turkey Vita has come back to our houses to present quality products with a huge product range and continues to resume its story.<br /><br />
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Aymar, Vita and Capa ;products are produced at the facilities of Aymar Yag and Gida San. A.S. with world standards and precise laboratory conditions on 15.000m2 closed area of 100 decare in Corlu-Tekirdag.

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