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Our company, with its experience of more than 30 years, is imported from the world's largest producers in the field of stainless steel, cut into semi-finished products in the dimensions desired by our customers, and then develops stainless products that are palletised by surface work. Imported stainless steel products are prepared for use in our service center through various processes such as grading, slitting, grinding, brushing in line with customer demands. Our company is proud to be your business partner for your stainless steel needs and problems with its standard and special productions in the field of stainless steel and its by-products. Our service center carries out the cutting and shaping processes of our customers in all sizes with a wide range of size cutting, slitting, grinding / brushing lines, as well as laser, plasma, guillotine and press brake machines. Our company, which provides service center with its machinery park, offers quality service understanding to its customers with its developing market share, experience and experience.

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