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Baycevik Textile which has been producing knitted terry fabric since 1994, is one of the successful companies in the sector with its knowledge and experience. Our company, working under the philosophy of "quality first" is growing day by day with its dynamic structure. We manufacture all kinds of fabrics in our facility. Production is carried out by a team of 40 people in a closed area of 1,000 square meters with meticulous work. The latest technologies are used in every step of production. We work for fast and error-free production by combining the power of our teammates and suppliers with technology. Due to regular and systematic controls risk of errors is minimized and ensured high efficiency and maximum quality. We are Baycevik Textile., a manufacturer and exporter, based in Turkey since 1994. We produce some types FABRICS; cotton velvet, velvet karde, velvet viscon, fiber, interlock, velvet opanend, knitted towel, knitted cotton velvet, tube interlock, knitting cotton quilting, lacoste, ribana and yarn.

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