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As Ferra Door we supply and manufacture door, doors, wooden door, wooden doors, lacquer door, lacquer doors, baseboard, baseboards, cover, covers, cupboard cover, cupboard covers, veneer door, veneer doors, door accessory, door accessories, lacquer baseboard, lacquer baseboards, veneer baseboard, veneer baseboards, kitchen cupboard cover, kitchen cupboard covers, decorative lath, decorative lathes, wooden cupboard cover, wooden cupboard covers, wooden door accessory, wooden door accessories, wooden baseboard, wooden baseboards... Based on many years of experience and our knowledge as Ferra Group, which blends with the innovative vision we are trying to be a mediator to reach a higher level of Turkish door market. To be completed of knowledge and experience that we are strict pursuits of technology with our expert team of staff. As Ferra Group with our latest technology machine park and the high quality standard products in original colors and models we can connect with our consumers. We provide the quality and reliable protection and comfort to our comsumers. All components used in the manufacture of doors are choosen carefully with our experience of years. Wood fiberboard, primer, paint, coatings, accessories and other components, according to European Union standards, by ensuring complete certification from suppliers that we pay attention to the DIN standards. The vision of our door and integrated timber solutions for the future with the aim of becoming one of the world's most ambitious partners, using materials that do not harm human and nature, environmental awareness is kept in the forefront, we care about the ecological sensitivity. In ordere to meet closer to our company please visit our web site that written down. And also, you can reach our full range of product catalogue with link that below.

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