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Who knows a task the protection of human health , appropriate to precepts , that values nature , holding the superior and high quality products at the forefront of development and new ideas always open , it is an innovative company providing services from the Turkish pharmaceutical market in 2012. With its dynamic and experienced staff. Berkem is owner of the DR. NEMO,PEDI-AKID,VIT&MY brands and present the goods under these brand to the consumers through pharmacies . At the same time it is determined to take an active role in the international market as its goal is advancing rapidly in import and export experiences. Berkem is respect the product safety principals and aim to be a symbol of trustable and Quality. And carry on to working on this way. Berkem Medicine who sets management approach as the honesty and perseverance; within this context moving towards becoming the best in in this sector.

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Kazimdirik Mah. Gediz Cad no:20/606 Bornova