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PROSEL for chemical Industries and veterinary treatments is one of the leading Turkish companies in the production of palnt extracts, vaccines, treatments, antibiotics, vitamins, and feed additives for livestock and poultry. Prosel founded in 1990, for more than two decades, the company provides a wide range of feed additives compound to support the growth of poultry and improve sustainability in the poultry production, in the form of vitamins, minerals, concentrated acids, and other feed additives. Our company is interested in scientific research and development in the area of livestock in general, and poultry in particular, through a team of experts, in order to reduce the nutritional deficiencies of animals by providing a complete range of nutritional additives and medicines, according to global standards of quality and safety. Feeding of poultry is vary of the rest of the animals for many reasons, including the rapid growth of poultry, high metabolism and it’s characterized by increased heart rate, increased respiration rate and body temperature. So its food needs relatively higher than the rest of the animals. Poultry need a concentrated feed, easy to digest, small size, and high nutritional value. The costs of Poultry feed represent 60-70% of total expenditures in poultry projects, so farm owners (ranchers) concentrated target to obtain higher production at the lowest possible cost. This requires the diets includes of all the nutrients needed, both Broiler and Laying hens. Consequently it must available feed balanced contain of feed additives such as grain, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and acids. There is a direct relationship between animal feed and health, and seen as a high priority when it comes to the quality and safety of meat, egg, or milk, as well as the good performance of poultry. Vitamins and additives are prepared industrially high concentration, to provide for the birds in the form of powders mixed with feed or drinking water. Feed additives used in animal feed to improve and protect the feed components from damage and oxidation or toxicity, It also supports animal performance and promote its health. Feed additives provide the microbial balance in the gut of poultry (the gastrointestinal tract), and the best combination of bones, the strengthening of the egg shells, disease prevention, higher rates of survival, improve the quality of meat, thus a rise in revenue.

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