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Bilal brand first started production in 1918 and with the adoption of the surname law, Mehmet Efendi, the elder family, took the surname “Sabuncu”. They continued their association with his son Bilal Sabuncu until 1974, where he worked alongside him (he engaged in soap production). Then, our founder Bilal Sabuncu continued to produce soap with Bilal brand. Until 1991, our company was making the production for domestic market and sales in 1991, thanks to the mechanization of the machine has increased both its capacity and the majority of its sales by exporting abroad was the first step. In accordance with the capacity increase and quality targets until 1991, ISO 9001: 2008 certificate was awarded in 2008 and ISO: 2004 certificate in 2011 in line with the importance given to environmental sensitivity. As a result of the investments made in order to provide quality and hygiene conditions in production, our company has been awarded ISO: 22716 (GMP) certificate.

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