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Birdal Group Companies; - In 1975, started its life with food and groceries in Kayseri / Argincik Wholesalers Site and has obtained a firm place in the market in a short time with the services it provides to its customers. - In 1982, has increased acceleration with the inclusion of the new generation. - In 1987, has taken the first steps towards becoming a corporate entity. - In 1990, as the Board of Directors has decided to specialization in the field, then started filling sunflower oil with BIRDAL brand in the 3.000 sqm filling plant in Kayseri / Argincik Eastern Industrial Site. - In 1993, started to produce Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Oil, Corn Oil, Olive Oil, Olives and Tea with BIRDAL brand in the 12.500 sqm production plant in Balikesir / Havran Industrial Site. Also it made the first breakthrough in the construction sector in Kayseri in the same year. - In 1996, has started to produce yarn and entered the textile sector with 20,000 sqm production plant in Kayseri / Organized Industrial Zone. - In 2003, for investment built 9.000 sqm indoor area within 15.000 sqm total area in Kayseri / Organized Industrial Zone. - In 2006, has taken the first step in the mining sector with 2.5 million sqm beige marble quarry in Amasya / Eliktekke Village.- In 2009, has strengthened its position in the mining sector by opening the second beige marble quarry which is 850.000 sqm in Burdur / Yesilova - Celtek Village. - In 2012, has started to produce TSE-12655, ISO 9001:2008 certified and BIRDAL brand Steel Doors with a company who had 20 years experience in this sector in 9.000 sqm indoor area within 15.000 sqm total area in Kayseri / Organized Industrial Zone. Our primary goal is that to produce the doors with modern looking, high quality and theft-proof which designed by our R&D team. We significantly strive with highest technology to produce the products in sectors in which we operate and we

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