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Birida Industries Group is one of the biggest producer and exporter of food and non-food products in Turkey serving the domestic and overseas markets in four continents and 28 countries and also has many exclusive export arrangements with major factories in and out of Turkey.

Birida has 42.000 m2 closed factory area and 36.000 m2 main warehouse located in Istanbul Turkey (7 factories in Istanbul and 1 factory in Gaziantep city), more than of 800 employees and 14 sales office all over Turkey. This organization is the biggest in its own sector in Turkey.

Some details regarding our investments and factories:

Tea & Coffee Factory : Tea ( Herbal and Fruit ) our raw material is coming from the biggest producer in the world ( Martin Bauer Germany ) and we have very big international market and many $ stores all over the world for this item. We are producing Instant Coffee with very high quality in any kind of packaging ( glass, PET and sachet ).

Chocolate Cream Spread factory : We are producing Chocolate Cream Spread and Zebra model with very high quality and many kind of packaging. We also produce Chocolate with stick called Choco Stick.

Cleaning Material Factory : We produce very high quality liquid detergent in many kind of retail and catering sizes for all markets and $ stores under our and private label. Also we produce many kinds of cleaning sponges.

Paper Products Factory : We produce all kind of paper products like toilet paper, towel, napkin and tissue , we can arrange any kind of packaging suitable for your market.

Powder Drink and Dressing Factory : We produce all kind of powder drink items and fruit juices in any kind of packaging ( bulk, sachet, tin, jar and PET). Also we produce Lemon Dressing, Ketchup and all kind of vinegars.

Honey and Honey With Nut Factory : We produce all kind of honey and honey with nut in any kind of jar or bulk under your private label.

Pulses and Dried Beans Factory : We produce and pack all kind of pulses like Beans, Local Rice, Chickpeas, Lentil etc. in any kind of packaging and under your private label.

JELLY and Jelly Gum Factory : We produce all kind of Jelly and Jelly gum ( gummies ) in any kind of jar or bulk under your private label. Also we make Fruity Iced in plastic sachet (freeze iced).

Also our group has possibility to establish ready to use factory for you or any of your partners in any country in the world for food packaging, powder drinks, Cleaning materials filling system and Honey production line. Also we can provide any kind of machinery that you need for your production line or filling systems.

We can currently offer you very competitive prices regarding our production lines for food and non food items.

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