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Birlik Degirmen Makineleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. was established to manufacture individual Milling Machinery by our current Chairman Mr. Ahmet ORHAN in 1980.
In 1980’s according to the possibilities, productions of some Milling machines have been handled, but via years production sorts have been multified the follow up of improved production technology in the Milling industry and have been reached a capacity and sufficiency to manufacture complete Flour Milling Plant on turn key basis according to the requests of our clients.
Continuously improvement of our company by the increase of production types and the increasing demands has brought about the need of more wider working area and we have built up a new plant building with 7.000 m2 total area of which 2.000 m2 is closed at our current address in 1994 and since then our activities have been handled in this plant.
We have been continuing our activities with the production of flour milling plants at any desired capacities on turn-key basis by assistance of self-sacrificed performance of our qualified production, assembly and diagram team. Beside complete turn-key based plants we are also manufacturing all kinds of individual Milling Machines with latest production technology.
Thanks to its directors, technical staff & all workers in production and assembly lines in our company working as team assembled to many flour milling plants individual machines especially in domestic market and are always the guarantor all of our manufactured products without taking into consideration the time factor.
Beside our wide distributer in domestic market we have also sold so many machinery & plant to international market directly or through exporting companies.
We are continuing our activities with the idea of manufacturing of a milling machine is not only production of a machine, but is production of an operating machine in conformty with the Milling Technology and to achieve this goal we don’t make any concessions from the quality.

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