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In the sector of agricultural instruments that we started to manufacture in 2004, we increased our quality daily, parallelly with the technology. We achieved our supreme goal of high quality through the transfer of technology into production. Our quality that we would never compensate is crowned with the satisfaction of our customers. Our one and only expectation from the machines that we produce upon high quality and again, high ethics principle, is the favour of our customers. Travelling the Africa inch by inch, identifying and caring it, our company is in full flow with the experiences gained before. Our product portfolio is getting reproduced customer-indexed everyday, through the intense interest of thecustomers. T he diversity and the muchness in our product range give our company a great dynamism. This dynamism here reflects on our quality directly proportional. Our vision will be contiuning through the 31 years of experience, the mutual trust with the customers and the pride of serving in the any kind of agricultural instruments and the machine sector.

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