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CAVUSLAR Submersible Centrifugal Pumps prdoduction began in 1969. Since its establishment, our company has been keeping up with technical development and has been applying the new changes into the prdoduction line, that has resulted in gaining a better quality and expanding market both locally and internationally of which Cavuslar Co. is proud of. CAVUSLAR A.S has been aware that a certain percentage of the turn over should be invested in further developing the pumps that it is producing, and through that investment will improve the quality which will gain the pleasure of customers. Indeed, without fresh investments, keeping up with technological enhancement can not be sustained. Having achieved a high standard products and being certified with TSE and ISO 9001 have not stopped Cavuslar from setting up its own Search & Develop department which Cavuslar views as an important step for continuous development. CAVUSLAR A.S has been also providing customer services within Turkey and abroad to support the buyers and insure maximum benefit of the pumps it sales. Cavuslar pumps are warrented for a year and also makes sure that spare parts are provided at agents outlets in abundance. Through a net of mechanical repair agents, a further support is available throughout the country. Cavuslar co. keeps the prices of the pumps competitive. The best award Cavuslar has gained is the trust and acceptance it has won for CAVUSOGLU BIRADERLER model pumps that has become a trade mark in the market, that is a result of dedication, qualiity and the experience of 40 years.

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