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Since the foundation of our company there has been only one target; it is to create a manufacturer which has no difference between from the ones in developed countries and has the same opportunities. Our manufacturers are in number one position in the world with its hardworking. However they always have old technologies. The reason of it is that the new technology is imported to our country with very high prices. There is a big market in our country. In this market the foreign companies market their products very expensive. However our industry, manufacturing quality and technology in our country can manufacture this new technology with high grade, there is no deficiency for this. As CELIKKALELI LTD. STI. our only goal is to manufacture competitive technology with our 100% engineer, our technical staff and scientists. Today we have almost seized this goal. We will export products with our technological know-how combining with 30 year experience to developed countries. We will succeed this with hardworking, enduring and smart manufacturers sharing a common fate. For this we have an endless faith. Today we are able to manufacture the same products which so called world's giant companies manufacture, but we will do better. Our target is to succeed the best technological manufacturing in the world and to present these products first to Turkish villagers and manufacturers then to villagers and manufacturers in the world. Because of that we are working work non-stop and will.

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