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CEREN Export was established in 2004 as a foreign trade by adding 20 years of professional foreign trade management experience. Shortly thereafter, it became a brand sought after by the market due to the unique nature of its product quality and CEREN EXPORT expertise. CERENExport continues to evolve and grow as every day and continues to maintain its high standards thanks to the expertise of the products it exports. Food, Agricultural Products, specializing in leather products, design, development, manufacture and export company in Turkey CEREN also recognized as the brand that adds to the product expertise and innovative approach. Besides our healthy food and agricultural products, our original oriental culture designs, our innovative approach, our rich quality leather products and special fabrics, our commitment to superior product quality, durability and customer service have been our prime principles that make the CERENEXPORT brand stand out.  Product Design Over the past decade, CERENexport has emerged as a leading product designer, manufacturer and marketer of the industry, bringing bags, briefcases, suitcases and travel accessories to customers' enjoyment. Having a wide range of products, CERENexport creates hundreds of new fashion items and constantly creates new products and design types, thus creating a distinctive understanding of the CERENexport brand.

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